Delivering effective products that can be used with little to no outside assistance is of high importance. In an ideal world, no support would be needed. However, there are times when a product may be confusing, needs additional functionality to work as expected, or may have a defect in need of correction. Support is offered to handle these situations. For inquiries, you can use the contact page here.

Product defects are taken seriously and move to the top of the priority queue for correction. Feature suggestions and ideas for improvement are welcome and will be considered for implementation, but are not guaranteed. Other questions regarding existing products or services will be answered as soon as possible.

When considering to use support services, please use as much detail as necessary to accurately pinpoint your issue. This greatly speeds up the resolution process. You may also get faster results by searching to see if your inquiry was previously answered on this site or elsewhere. It is highly encouraged to use these resources prior to contacting support. Thank you!