A list of available services to bring your game to life. Get a free consultation when you have made a decision and want to move forward. You can use this contact form to send your inquiries.

Design and Analysis

The exciting field of game development could be an entire branch of science. The are seemingly endless topics ranging from spatial partitioning to vertex shaders, each concept that could fill a book on its own. It isn't expected that all of your developers know everything, which is why large game development teams tend to be broken up into specific domains. When you have a small team, they have to know a little about a lot.

A design or analysis service may be just what you need. Perhaps you need to find a way to resolve collisions with your custom physics system, or perhaps you need a way to design an interactive tutorial without breaking immersion. There is no problem that can't be solved, so please reach out when things begin to get complicated.

Java and C++ Programming

Some of the most powerful languages in game development, Java and C++ have proven time and again to fill the needs of developers everywhere. Any kind of code your game needs can be written with full transfer of ownership, allowing your team to modify and reuse it in the future. The following list are specialized areas of knowledge, but not exhaustive.

Preferred platforms for development.

  • Android
  • Java Desktop
  • Tizen
  • Windows

Preferred libraries and frameworks for development.

  • DirectX
  • OpenGL

Development Tools

Creating a game is no easy task, but the right tools for development can alleviate much of the pain. Software applications to manipulate and condition game assets for the end product will be greatly appreciated by your developers, saving them time and headaches. Some tools are readily available on the products page, but there is no doubt you'll be needing something more specific. In such a case, a tool can be developed for you.

Software Testing

Without adequate testing of your game, an unforeseen glitch could tank your ratings and reviews. The testing phase can be an arduous time-consuming task, so why not offload it? Not only will your product be thoroughly tested above and beyond the test plan, you will also receive suggestions for a better user experience.

Documentation and Instructions

Step-by-step documentation of your project structure and workflow are critical when bringing in a new hire or passing responsibility to another team. Instructions should be detailed and clear enough to get the ball rolling as quick as possible. Spend a little time now, save much more time later.

User instructions, whether in-game or a separate document, can also be a big part of your success. A guide for your users that is easy to follow and engaging will reduce confusion and keep your support lines from ringing off the hook.


Sometimes your requirements may fall outside the scope of the listed services. Perhaps you're looking to use a different technology or platform to get the job done. That may not be a problem! Consultations are available with a very flexible schedule to see if your requirements can be met with additional services.